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What is Social Media Marketing?


Hello friends, welcome to Metthu.com friends, today we are going to tell you about social media marketing, today we will give you all the information related to social media marketing such as, What is Social Media Marketing, Social Media Laws, Advantages of social network marketing, disadvantages of social network marketing, tools for social media marketing, etc.

If you also have any kind of doubt related to Social Network Marketing, then today you keep reading this post carefully till the end.

Often you will have seen that many people spread their business through social network marketing and social network marketing is a way of marketing which you can spread to people very easily, sitting at home From the mobile phone, let us know what is Social Network Marketing, we will clear all the doubts related to this, so let us know about Social Network Marketing.


What is Social Media Marketing?

Social media is a platform where you can market any of your products or services for free, and maybe you have also seen the promotion of a product or service on your social network, then this is a means by which you can promote any of your products or services for free.

What is Social Media?

Social media is not made up of a single word, there are many platforms inside social media, where you can open your account for free and talk to people from all over the world, on calls or messages. There are different types of platforms like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc.

What is Marketing?

Marketing is called that when you promote any of your products or service, we call it marketing, and marketing is also done in many ways like Network Marketing, E-mail Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, etc.

Example of Social Media Marketing:-

Let’s assume that if you have a shop and your customer is unable to visit your shop due to being busy and you have created your shop page or account on social media, then the customer can contact you through social media and because of this, you can make a lot of profit.

Law’s of Social Media:-

There are some laws of social media marketing, which are given below to you.

  • Accessibility
  • Reciprocity
  • Value
  • Acknowledgment
  • Influence
  • Compounding
  • Patience
  • Focus
  • Quality
  • Listening

Advantages of Social Media Marketing?

Although there are many benefits of Social Media, today we will tell here some such benefits which you will be surprised to hear, so let us know about the benefits of Social Media without delay.

  1. Due to this, you can reach your brand to millions of people.
  2. Your customers are also satisfied with SMM.
  3. This also improves the loyalty of your brand.
  4. It is not much costly in marketing from SMM.
  5. You can target the audience according to your product.

Disadvantages of Social Media Marketing?

Just as this marketing has its benefits, in the same way, it also has its disadvantages, so let’s talk about its disadvantages.

  1. To promote your business you have to spend a lot of time on it.
  2. Direct advertising on social media does not work.
  3. In this, you get a lot of negative feedback.
  4. You have to work continuously in this marketing, it should not be left in the middle
  5. With this, you cannot measure your results.

Ask these questions yourself before starting Social Media Marketing:

  1. What is your business topic?
  2. What kind of audience do you want?
  3. How to target audiences on social media?
  4. How to sell a product and services?
  5. What the customer wants and how to fulfill his demand?
  6. How is your communication skill?

Best Platforms for social media marketing:

If you also want to do marketing through social, then we are giving you the list of such top 10 social platforms here. If you market your product on all these platforms, then you will definitely make a profit and many people will reach your product.

  1. TikTok
  2. Facebook
  3. Youtube
  4. Instagram
  5. Twitter
  6. Pinterest
  7. Linkedin
  8. Whatsapp Group
  9. Reddit
  10. Tumblr

Importance of social media marketing:

Social media on the internet are such sites and apps which are more grooved on the internet than any other platform, whose results you can see in today’s time, today everyone is online and they do most of their work from social media. Therefore, in today’s time, the importance of social media is considerable and in the coming time its importance is going to increase, on the basis of that, we have given some importance to it, which you are showing towards the bottom.

  1. Due to this, your product will have a lot of sales.
  2. Traffic also increases on blogs or websites.
  3. This makes people aware of your product or business and also increases the awareness of the brand.
  4. Your value in the market increases.
  5. Your customers also grow a lot if you have a shop and your market value also increases.

How to start social media marketing?

You don’t have to do much to do marketing with social media. You have to choose some platforms from which you want to market your business, product, service like we told you about some of the best of these marketing platforms. We choose one of those platforms and tell you how you can do marketing through those platforms.


To do marketing with Facebook, you have to open an account on Facebook and you have been explained below stepwise, you can learn from there.

  1. Open Facebook account
  2. Upload profile
  3. Create a page in the name of your business or shop.
  4. Fill all the details there that are related to your business or shop.
  5. After that, you become eligible to market your product through Facebook.

Social Media Marketing Strategy:

To do marketing through social media, you have to adopt some strategy, but it is up to you how to adapt the strategy of your business, product or service according to your product, based on that we have some such strategy for you. A list has been made, which you probably cannot deny.

  1. Attract your audience
  2. Find your audience based on your product.
  3. Analyze your competitor.
  4. Gain followers on social media.
  5. Also, provide help and support for the customer.

What type of marketing is social media?

When marketing any product through any social platform like Facebook, WhatsApp, youtube, etc. This type of marketing is called SMM (Social media marketing).

Tools for Social Media Marketing:

We are going to tell you about some such tools of social media here, due to which you can share the link or post of your product with a single click. With their help, you can also set the schedule of your posts and using them, your social account will not be blocked.

  1. Meetedgar.com
  2. Hootsuite
  3. Buffer
  4. TweetDeck

Social Media Marketing Tips

If you also want to do your product or service marketing from SMM, then we have given you some such tips here which if you follow, you will definitely get success in this Marketing.

  1. Plan your content.
  2. Share the links of your product to all your Neighbours.
  3. Keep an eye on your competitor.
  4. Give quality to your customers with quantity.
  5. Marketing from Social Media, It is very important to be patient while marketing.
  6. Share your business or product logo design on social media.
  7. After providing help to your customers, also reply to them.
  8. Solve the problems of the customers.
  9. Set a time that you have to make people aware about your product or service at this time in a day.
  10. Do not be disappointed if you do not get quick success.
  11. Always use trending hashtags.
  12. Make a page or group on social media.


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