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What is Sensex and Top Latest Benefits of SENSEX in 2021


Do you know what is Sensex? You have often read or seen the word SENSEX on TV or in newspapers. Sometimes you see that Sensex went up by so many points today, and sometimes you see that the Sensex dropped by so many points today.

Whenever you think about investing in the Share Market, then you must have come to mind about Sensex and What is SENSEX and its benefits. But you don’t understand the meaning of these words.

What is Sensex
What is Sensex

Because you don’t know what is Sensex? So our post today focuses on SENSEX. Today, through this post, we will know What is SENSEX and its benefits?

Today we are talking about SENSEX. So the Sensex is also like a nifty, but compared to the Nifty, only 30 companies are listed in the Sensex. Where Nifty is also called Nifty 50 as it lists 50 companies. Let us know about What is SENSEX and its benefits in detail.

What is Sensex?

The term Sensex was introduced by Deepak Mohoni. This word is made up of sensitive and index words. This implies that it is a sensory index.

The SENSEX is the BenchMark index of our Indian stock market, which indicates the rise and fall in the prices of shares listed on the BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange). Through this, we get information about the performance of the 30 largest companies listed in it. Talking about SENSEX, it is India’s oldest stock market index, which started in 1986.

Sensex which is a stock market index and its most important function is to keep track of the prices of all the shares of listed companies in the stock market. And then after a day’s work, give us an average value so that we can easily get the information about the rise and fall in the prices of shares of companies listed in the stock market.

The Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE), India’s oldest stock exchange, covers a total of 30 major Indian companies. These companies are very large in terms of market capitalization. It is currently 37% of the Indian GDP. These companies in a way set the trend of the Indian market.

And simply put, the index created to assess the prices of the shares of the big companies of India, which keeps an eye on the rising prices of the shares of these companies is called the SENSEX.

Benefits of sensex

As such, the biggest advantage of SENSEX is that through this, investors can know and understand the future changes in the market and according to them can invest their money properly.

But we also have some benefits from the SENSEX that they do not directly impact or benefit much, but are indirectly useful. Rupee movements vary with the market And when the rupee is strong then things are cheaper in the country. Let us know about some different benefits.


1. When the stock market is good and the Sensex goes up, many foreign investors start coming in the country and when they invest money in Indian companies, then it will increase the rupee And the rupee is strong against foreign currency. And when the rupee is strong, then things start becoming cheaper.

For example, the salmon coming in foreign currency will get faster than rupees at lower prices.

2. When companies see the Sensex going up, investors also want to invest in such companies and when a lot of money is collected from the investors. So companies grow and expand. And whenever a company expands, it needs new people for it, then in that case they will give jobs to more people and this will directly mean lack of unemployment.

The Indian stock market is on the rise of successive heights. At one time when it started in 1990, the Sensex used to be just one thousand but in today’s time this figure has reached five digits.

In today’s time it has crossed 30,000 and is creating new records every day. We hope that in future also it will touch new heights and help investors in making profits.

If you are unaware of the behavior of the market, then the stock market can be a risky investment for you. Invest in the stock market very thoughtfully and get complete information before investing.

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