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What is FAU-G Game and when will it be released? PAID/FREE Complete Guide 2020


FAU-G GAME- Ever since PUBG has been banned by the Indian government, there has been a stir among the people playing PUBG. In this way, Bollywood’s veteran actor: “Akshay Kumar” has announced to make an Indian game in association with Bangalore-based sports development company “nCore Games”. The name of this game is FAUG.

FAUG GAME or as you are known as Fearless and United: The Guard or FAU-G is specifically designed to keep the youth of our country in mind. There is a lot of information about FAU-G.

What is FAU-G Game and when will it be released
What is FAU-G Game and when will it be released

Which is very important for you to know. In such a situation, you are being given complete information in this post about what FAU-G is and when it will be released. Hope you like our efforts. Then let’s start.

What is FAU-G Game?

FAU-G is an Indian first-person shooter game that can be played in single and multiplayer modes. The name of the game is inspired by the Hindi word “FAU-G”, which means a soldier. According to the creators of the FAU-G game, they designed the game keeping in mind the shortcomings of the Indian Defense Force.

In the first level of this game, you will see the incident of Galvan Valley, where in June 2020 there was a fierce war between Indian and Chinese soldiers.



According to Akshay Kumar, this project is actually a gesture on our Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s “Self-reliant India” or self-reliant India.

Also, he has also stated that 20% of the net revenue of this game will be donated to Veer Trust of India. For your information, let me tell you that this trust was setup at the time of 2019 Pulwama terror attack. Also, the basic purpose of this trust is to help families suffering in war.

The developer of FAU-G Game:

The FAU-G game is being developed by Bangalore-based publisher Encore Games, also on the advice of actor Akshay Kumar.

How is FAU-G Game going to help our soldiers?

As I have already mentioned, Akshay Kumar has asked to donate about 20 percent of the net revenue to the Veer Trust of India. Which is actually a fund-raising initiative of the Government of India whose primary objective is to help the family of Indian paramilitary forces.

FAU-G GAME is an Alternative of PUBG Mobile?

No, PUBG Mobile has many options. But yes FAU-G is an Indian-made alternative to PUBG mobile.


Today, PUBG is a very popular Battle Royal game, while its full name is PlayerUnogn’s Battleground Mobile, aka PGG Mobile.

FAU-G is developed by Indian game development company nCore Games. By the way, people are finding this Indian game the only option of PUBG Mobile, which is not true. At the same time, some people also believe that the (Fau-ji) game has tried to copy PUBG.

But I don’t think anything like this has happened, it will only be known after the release of the game whether FAU-G is actually a copy of PUBG Mobile.

FAUG Game Download Link:

It is very common that people will definitely need a FAUG game download link. Why, when the Indian government has completely stopped PUBG. So everyone now has the FAUG game download link.

So I want to tell you that the FAUG game has not been fully officially released yet. But it is expected that it will be released by the end of October.

Who is the nCore Games?

nCore Games is the same game development company that developed the FAU-G. This company was started in the year 2018. The company is based in Bangalore. In the past, this company has produced many multiplayer games. Also, it is like making games according to the interest of Indians.

Gaming industry giant Vishal Gondal has invested his money in this company.

What we will see in the FAU-G GAME?

The FAUG game is being prepared for a few months. But many more tests are yet to be done. According to Gondal ji, in the first level of this game you will get to see Galvan Valley, because it is based on the same.

Also, players will get to see all such incidents in the later stages which have been fought by our Indian soldiers.

When will the FAU-G GAME launch?

The FAU-G game will be launched by the end of October this year. The game is expected to succeed in attracting over 200 million users.

Why the FAU-G GAME in Today’s Headlines?

The FAUG game has recently been announced after the Indian government banned PUBG Mobile. This is why the FAUG game is currently in so much headlines. Since the PUBG game was very famous in India, people have high hopes for this new game.


What is the Release date of FAU-G GAME?

FAU-G game will be released in October, 2020.

How much MB of FAU-G GAME?

As of now, it is not possible to guess what the size of the FAU-G GAME will be or maybe it will be as much as Pubg Mobile or more, all this will be known only after the release of the FAU-G GAME.

Is FAU-G GAME will be a battle royale game?

Yes, so far it has been finalized that it is a battle royal game and we will give you the remaining updates after the game is released.

Do the new game FAU-G GAME has offline playing?

Right now it cannot be said that this game can be played offline or online but as far as this game can be played only online.


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And in the coming posts we will tell you that fauji game launch date, about fauji game, about fauji game video, fauji game trailer, fau-g game download or fauji game download link, fauji game play and etc.


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