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What is FASTag and How FASTag works


What is FASTag- Hello friends, welcome to our blog post today, today we will tell you what is FASTag, how does FASTag work, what are the benefits of FASTag, etc., if you have any doubt related to FASTag or If you want any kind of information related to FASTag, then you are reading the right post today, then You are not worried and keep reading this post till the last. We have also explained to you how fastag works.

Do you guys like to travel on the roads like us, if yes then you have to know about FASTag because if you do not know about FASTag then you may have to pay double fees at Toll Plaza? Yes, you are reading right. If you do not know about FASTag, then you may have to pay double fees at the Toll Plaza.

This is because according to the rules issued by the government, orders have been ordered to recover the double fees. If you are the owner of any vehicle and you have not used FASTag in your vehicle, then you may find it very expensive. and We have also explained to you how fastag works.

In this way we thought that you should give information about FASTag so that you do not have to pay any more fees on the toll plazas, you can use FASTag on all toll plazas that come under (NETC) i.e. National Electronic Toll Collection.


What is FASTag?

FASTag is an electronic toll collection technique, in which you will see the use of (RFID) Radio Frequency Identification. The tag of FASTag is placed on the windscreen of any vehicle so that the sensors on the toll plaza are the sensors that track the FASTag on your vehicle’s windscreen as soon as the vehicle reaches the toll plaza.

After this, the toll plaza should be deducted from the account of FASTag, then it is automatically deducted from your FASTag account, and similarly, due to FASTag, you can make non-stop payment on the toll plaza. Your precious time is also saved. Towards the bottom, we explain to you that how FASTag works.

How FASTag works?

As friends, we have already told you that the tag of FASTag is put on the windscreen of your vehicle, and as soon as your vehicle reaches the toll plaza then the sensors on the toll plaza will track the FASTag on your vehicle. , And the fee that should be deducted at that toll plaza is deducted from your FASTag account without stopping your vehicle, then this is how FASTag works.

Benefits of using FASTag-

Just as every coin has two sides, in the same way, there are advantages and disadvantages of anything, no matter how good it may be, so now we will tell you about the benefits of FASTag, what are the benefits of FASTag, and we have already told you that how FASTag Works.

  1. . The best advantage of FASTag is that you do not have to worry about cash, because the fee charged on toll plaza is automatically deducted from your FASTag account due to FASTag.
  2. It is also an advantage of FASTag that it saves your time and you do not need to stand in line for a long time at the toll plaza and You can pay toll tax without stop and your precious time is also saved.
  3. If your FASTag balance exhausted, you can recharge it again while sitting at home or sitting in the office, for which you have many options like debit card/credit card/net banking or NEFT you can recharge with the help of these options.
  4. The validity of FASTag is up to 5 years.
  5. In FASTag you also get incentives here and if you want, you also get cashback options here.
  6. With the help of FASTag, Paper stops being used, and it is very beneficial for our environment.

Buy FASTag:

Now, you have come to know that the use of FASTag has become very important, then the question must come in your mind that how can we buy FASTag, and from where we can buy it, what is the process of buy FASTag, let’s know how you can buy FASTag.

In such a situation, if the owner of any vehicle wants to go to toll plazas or Issuer agency, you can create a FASTag account for your vehicle, but with this,

You also get another option here to buy FASTag or create an account. And that is Bank, it is not necessary that you should have a relationship with that bank, you can buy FASTag from any bank without having any connection with that bank.

Recently some banks have partnered with NHAI. Some of these are bank names such as ICICI Bank, HDFC Bank, IDFC Bank, Syndicate Bank, Axis Bank, and SBI. Along with all this, Payments Bank also offers FASTag for its customers.

Ways to buy a FASTag:

But friends, with this, a customer can get information from his automobile company and you will get some help from there too, so friends, now we tell you in what ways you can get FASTag.

  1. You can buy this tag by visiting the given bank’s website and it will come directly to your home via courier or you can buy it from the NHAI’s website or IHMCL.
  2. With the help of the MYFASTag app, You can recharge or buy FASTag by going to the mobile app ie MyFastag since MyFastag is a consumer app.
  3. You can purchase FASTag either by going to your nearest toll plaza, or you can buy it by going to the bank’s cell office.

Apart from all this, you can also get the information by calling the customer care number of any bank that there is a POS from such cones around your location, that is, Point of Sale from where you can buy it.

Price of FASTag:

The agency applying FASTag may have different charges, but the charge for applying FASTag is only 200 / Rs.

What are the documents required for FASTag?

If you also want to make or apply FASTag, then you must also have a question in your mind that what documents are required to apply FASTag, and where to apply your FASTag, which we have already told you Where can you apply FASTag, now we tell you what are the documents required for FASTag?

  1. You have to submit a copy of your vehicle’s RC ie Registration Certificate.
  2. Passport size photographs of the owner of the vehicle are to be submitted.
  3. You have to submit a copy of your KYC documents such as PAN Card, DL, Passport, Voter ID Card or Aadhaar Card, all of these documents, if possible, you should take all these documents. The creator of the account will ask you to document all these documents, which is why the copy of all these documents must be taken.

Important information, you will have to take the original copies of all these documents as well as the owner of the vehicle, so take special care that you must also carry the original copies of all these documents.

How long does it take to get FASTag?

Since FASTag has become very important now and without FASTag, it will not work, then you have thought to buy FASTag, but you must also ask that how long after applying FASTag we will get FASTag Will find it or when will FASTag come to us,

By the way, it depends on where you have applied it from the nearest POS or online, but after applying it comes to you at least within a week, and sometimes it takes two or three days. It comes in and it depends on where you applied it.

Is FASTag mandatory?

This question will also be in your mind whether FASTag is mandatory, as we have already told you that FASTag has become necessary now or else you may have to pay double fine.

As you know FASTag has become compulsory for everyone after 15 December 2019, and recently 22 banks in partnership with NHAI have released FASTag, which you can know from your mobile phone. There are so many POS near the area from where you can buy it or you can get more information.

Where do I stick my FASTag sticker?

However, we have already given you the answer to this question that you have to put the FASTag sticker on the windscreen of your vehicle and that too inwardly, because when your vehicle comes on the toll plaza then it is on the toll plaza The sensors track the sticker or tag of that FASTag and the fee deducted from that toll plaza is automatically deducted from your FASTag account.

What is an RFID tag?

Many of you will know about RFID, even if you do not know, then RFID means or its full form Radio Frequency Identification. This tag means that the RFID tag is placed on the front/rear windshield. After all the car manufacturing companies in India, according to the rules and orders were given by the Government of India, after 2017, it was mandatory for all car manufacturers to put or provide this tag on their car.

However, this tag is of little use. The RFID reader reads this tag and gives information related to the vehicle such as vehicle color, vehicle construction, vehicle type, engine, number, etc. The main function of RFID is to give us vehicle information. Which is possible only through the RFID reader. RFID readers are mostly installed at the toll plaza gate.

Is FASTag transferable?

Is FASTag transferable, the question must also come to your mind that, is FASTag transferable, so if we tell you, FASTag is used for only and only one vehicle and FASTag is a non-transferable tag, and if you To create an account of FASTag for your second vehicle, you can go to your nearest POS and create an account.

What is blacklist in FASTag?

What is blacklist in FASTag, this question must have come in your mind, after all what is blacklist in FASTag, then blacklist in  FASTag is that if there is not enough balance in your FASTag account and if any customer/driver goes with vehicle to the toll plaza, it is blacklisted and then you have to pay cash and sometimes you have to pay a fine.

In such a situation, if you travel through any toll plaza, you will not get the benefit of the services of NETC and you will have to pay cash tax on the toll plaza and your time is wasted too, so always check your FASTag account while leaving home.

Implementing agency for FASTag-

This question must also come to your mind that which is the agency which is implementing FASTag, then let us also give you about it which is the agency which implements FASTag.

  1.  IHMCL (Indian Highways Management Company Limited)
  2. NPCI ( National Payment Corporation Of India)

The same agency is implementing this program with the help of Toll Plaza Concessionaires, including some selected banks.

How To Recharge FASTag?

You can Recharge at home or sitting in the office, for recharge of FASTag, you see many options for online recharge, such as Credit Card/Debit Card/NEFT/RTGS or Net Banking. You can recharge at least 100/Rs in FASTag and up to 1 Lac at most.

How can I check my FASTag balance?

After purchasing FASTag, the customer can see the balance of his FASTag on the website of the agency that issues the FASTag, and the customer is also alerted on the message whenever he travels through a toll plaza, and you are on time with your You can also check the balance of FASTag.

How to activate Fastag?

You have to activate your Fastag on your own and you can do it from your mobile phone, because NHAI (National Highways Authority Of India) has also launched an app named MYFastag, due to which you can activate your Fastag can do.

In which you have to enter the details of your vehicle to activate your Fastag, and you can link it to any of your bank accounts, also from the current account, after doing so, you will know how to get your Fastag Have to activate.


So friends today, we explained it to you through this post, What is FASTag and How does fastag works, benefits of using FASTag, buy FASTag, Is FASTag mandatory, we have give you all information related to FASTag, And we hope that you have understood it correctly, if you like this written language and you have understood a little bit about it, then you can share this information with your friends so that they too can learn about it.

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