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What is Email Marketing?


What is Email Marketing– Hello friends, welcome to this blog post of ours today, today, we will tell you what is the email marketing, benefits of email marketing, how to do email marketing, why email marketing is important, etc., If you want to know about email marketing, then read this post carefully till the end.

You too may have received many types of email every day and you must also have thought that we had not given your email, so why do we come to us every day in different ways, so friends, all these emails is marketing, and today we will tell you about what is email marketing, all kinds of doubts related to email marketing will be cleared today.

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What is Email Marketing
What is Email Marketing

What is Email Marketing?

One is offline marketing and the other is online marketing but online marketing is of many types, but such marketing in which marketing is done through e-mail, we call it e-mail marketing.

Definition of Email Marketing:-

Marketing of any product or service using e-mail, which is done through e-mail, is called e-mail marketing.

Email Marketing example:-

If you have a blog or website, then you will understand this example easily, let’s assume you have a list of one lakh active e-mail and you wrote a post on your blog and if you reach that post through e-mail marketing to one lakh people. So at least 50% of people will click on that e-mail and then you will think how much your earning will increase.

Benefits of email marketing:-

So far you have known what is e-mail marketing and now we will tell you some of its benefits which you may not know, you may be seeing the advantages of e-mail marketing towards the bottom, which you probably will not know before now.

  1. If you market any product or service through e-mail, then the sale of your product is greatly increased.
  2. Due to this, you can increase a lot of visitors on your blog or website.
  3. With the help of e-mail marketing, you can increase your sales, you can target customers according to your product.
  4. If you are a beginner then e-mail marketing is very easy marketing, e-mail marketing is not a difficult task, anyone can do it.
  5. You can also get data reports with the help of e-mail marketing.

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How to do e-mail marketing?

It is not necessary that you must have a blog or website to do e-mail marketing, you can do e-mail marketing without it even. This is the marketing of a product or a service. So now next we will tell you how you can do e-mail marketing.

  1. It is very important to have an e-mail address.
  2. After creating an e-mail address, you have to prepare a list of many active e-mails.
  3. To send e-mails in a better and professional way, you should have e-mail marketing software.

Email Marketing tools:

To send bulk mail, it is very important to have professional e-mail marketing software/tools. We have prepared a list of such software/tools for you, which can be very helpful for you.

  • Getresponse
  • Mailchimp
  • Aweber
  • Constant Contact
  • Convertkit

Email Marketing in India:-

There are many agencies of e-mail marketing in India too, but we will give you a list of the top 5 agencies out of all those agencies, the list of India’s top 5 e-mail marketing agencies will be shown below.

  1. Octane
  2. Mail Marketer
  3. Mail Get Bolt
  4. Kenscio
  5. Juvlon

Why Email Marketing is important?

Email marketing is very important because, through email, you promote your blog or product directly in front of the customer inbox, which is very useful and attractive. In the same place, email marketing is more effective than social media, through email marketing you can also provide customer support service, that is why e-mail marketing is very important in online marketing.

Process of email marketing:-

Starting e-mail marketing is not a difficult task and anyone can do it no matter who is a beginner, according to this, we have told some such techniques if you do e-mail marketing, then if you do or follow all these techniques, you will get very good results.

  1. Set your goal while marketing e-mails.
  2. Make a list of active e-mails according to your below.
  3. Use a good looking template and an attractive template so that anyone can get attracted by looking at your e-mail.
  4. Keep updating the mail daily and keep running some offers.
  5. Measure your results.
  6. Identify your audience and stay in touch with them.
  7. Use technology with your intelligence.
  8. Keep the maximum focus on the design of e-mail marketing.

Email Marketing for small businesses:-

E-mail marketing can be very beneficial for small businesses. E-mail marketing can boost all those businesses which are still at a small level, for that, you have to give time for online marketing and You have to provide customer service, if you want to boost your small level business then e-mail marketing is the best way for you.

Email Marketing courses online:

You will find many people who teach e-mail marketing in the market by taking money, but you can learn e-mail marketing sitting at home, in today’s time you get free service on the internet and you are taught everything for free. Such as youtube, blogs, and various types of websites that offer you a course in online marketing for free. Even you can learn e-mail marketing on our blog, we have created a separate e-mail marketing category for your help. Still, if you have any kind of problem, you can ask us by contacting or commenting.

Analytics for Email marketing:-

In e-mail marketing, it is very important to measure analytics of e-mails and hence we will now tell you how you can measure the analytics of your e-mails.

  1. Click-Through Rate (CTR)
  2. Rate of Conversion
  3. Bounce Rate
  4. List of Growth Rate
  5. E-mails sharing rate
  6. Overall Rate on Investment (ROI)

Effective Email marketing strategy:-

Here we are going to tell you some such e-mail marketing strategies which will prove to be very helpful for you, so let’s know what is the effective e-mail marketing strategy.

  1. Keep personalizing your messages and do not send e-mails to your subscribers frequently. We are not saying that you send only one mail but send many mails that it is not disturbed.
  2. Make the subject line very attractive whether the subject line is short or long.
  3. If you send e-mail after 9:00 pm then it can be very beneficial for you.
  4. The best content is that in starting, if the content is free, then think about it to some extent.
  5. While sending an e-mail, check whether the e-mail is mobile-friendly or not.
  6. If possible, send e-mails on weekends only.
  7. Copy, text, design and test the template once.

email marketing statistics:

If we talk about e-mail marketing statistics, then 293.5 billion e-mails are sent and received every day. So imagine in your mind that if e-mail marketing has so much value, then how much marketing will be benefited through e-mail. So for those businesses which are still at a small level, it can be very best.


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