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What is a Digital Signature?


Hello friends, welcome to this post of ours today, we are going to tell you, what is a digital signature, how digital signature works, Types of Digital Signature, Digital Signature Certificate, Importance of Digital Signature, How to create a digital signature, and many more.

All of you will be using signatures and you do it every day, either in your office, school and the necessary documents or elsewhere, then friends signatures mean our consent to do any work. If there is some work that cannot be done without our permission, then there is a need for signatures.

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But friends, as you may know, that such signatures can also be copied and there is a fear in our mind that no one can copy our signatures, then there is something to fear here because if someone signs our signature then the hard work of our can go waste, whether it is related to our money or home, house or land, property.

But, now there is no reason to afraid in today’s time because now the use of digital signatures has started in place of physical signatures so that we do not need to be afraid anymore, and then it is also very secure because you will know all about that What is a Digital Signature.

Just like if we tell you a similar example of this, the way we need our id and password to log in to Gmail or Facebook account, there is also a digital signature, but it is only Gmail or Facebook only accepts and provides recognition.

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Like if we talk about some other example, there is a need for an OTP, ie One Time Password, whenever we create our account on any website or on any app. It only lasts for a short time, and can only be used once. This is also an example of a digital signature. and now we will tell you what is a digital signature.

What is a Digital Signature
What is a Digital Signature

What is a Digital Signature?

Digital Signature is such a technology that we can know the reality of any document. From this, we can also find out how authentic or Genuine it is. Digital signature has been made in such a way that if it is tampered with in some way, then it can be easily identified.

The work of a valid digital signature, to convincing a recipient that yes this signature is absolutely accurate and this signature has been done by its real owner, otherwise the physical signature can also be modified, but it is not so in the digital signature.

The digital signature is a cryptographic value that is calculated from the data, creating a private or secret key that can be known only by the signer.

Types of digital signature classes:

The digital signature is divided into three classes, which are explained in detail in the following direction and we have already told you that What is a Digital Signature.

  1. Class (1) Digital Signature
  2. Class (2) Digital Signature
  3. Class (3) Digital Signature

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Class one of DS:

In the first-class digital signature, the person doing the signature is identified or validated through his email account.

Class two of DS:

Under the second class digital signature, the organization providing a digital signature facility first decides whether the document or report you have given is correct or not. And you are the one who is accepting it and after it is found wrong, you will also be responsible for it. It is issued to both the common man and the business.

Class three of DS:

This type of digital signature is issued directly by the institution, and it indicts the higher level as the applicant who is to get it will have to present that application to the registration authority and prove their own identity. the wanted.

How digital signature works?

When a person is about to sign, when he signs electronically on a document, the sign is created using that signer’s private key. Which is always kept safely by the signer. And the result which comes out as encrypted data is called a digital signature and we also explain all about that What is a Digital Signature.

The Digital Signature Providers which are used use a different type of protocol, which we also call Public Key Infrastructure i.e. PKI. Using this, two types of long mathematical codes are generated on the basis of the details of the person who signs, which is given below.

  1. Private key
  2. Public key

Private Key:

When a digital signature is performed on any document, the signature that is generated by the private key of the signer, which includes matching the document or checking the details by the mathematical algorithm and this process is called a hash, and it is key security of digital signature.

Public Key:

The signer is the one that encrypts the hash with the private key, according to the result of which the digital signature is created or originated. And then the digital signature is attached to the documents of the signer. And during this, a public key is also created.

When any receiver receives documents, it will then use the public key to verify the document, which is created by the signer itself. When any receiver uses the public key, then the hash code will be decrypted with the public key of the receiver.

If the hash code has come to the receiver, if it matches the public key, then it means that no documents have been tampered with or any modification has been done, If it does not match the receiver’s public key decryption, it means that it is not real and something has been modified.

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What is a Digital Signature Certificate?

The Digital Signature Certificate is created through a digital medium. Which is issued by the entity providing digital signature service to the subscribers. The Digital Signature Certificate includes Subscriber’s name, email address, place of residence address, Pincode, country and state and when this certificate was issued to the subscriber and by whom it was issued and for how long. All these kinds of details are in it. we have already explained about What is a Digital Signature and now we have explained you to about Digital Signature Certificate.

Importance of Digital Signature:

The importance of digital signature is more because we have no problem signing anywhere, because it is very secure and reliable, otherwise at first we used to fear by doing physical signature so that there is no copying of our signature. But now there is no problem with all this, hence its import is the highest.

The digital signature ensures that the signature done is the exact right person to have done it, so there is nothing to fear. Because the signer is given a PIN, password and code, which verifies their identity.

In today’s time, to do any work, whether it is to verify the papers for any work, or to fill the online form or to fill any tax, there are many other things that are done by digital signature. With this help, we do not need to go anywhere, we can do most of the work from our office or sitting at home.

How to create a digital signature?

First of all, you need a digital certificate to make a digital signature, but keep in mind that if you want to make a digital signature, then it is provided to you completely by the Certificate Authority. Which we know by the name of CA. Which is recognized or licensed by the government to issue digital signature under Section 24 of the Information Technology Act. When CA generates a digital certificate, it is given to you by making your digital signature.

If any organization provides you with a digital signature, then the fees charged for them can be different for different organizations, and then the digital signature issued by them has a validity of one year or two years only.

Benefits Of Digital Signature

  1. Security is very good in the digital signature, which is quite reliable, and there is nothing to fear in it.
  2. As we all know that the digital signature is linked with the private key of the users, and this shows that it has an owner because no one else can use it except the owner.
  3. If you find the difference of a single bit in digital signature anywhere, then you can find out from this, that the documents sent by digital signing are not trustworthy.

Where is the digital signature is Used?

  • If you have to e-fill your income tax return then you will need it at that place.
  • You may need this for e-filling company denial.
  • Digital Signature uses to e-fill the government tender.
  • This type of signature uses for the e-filling of trademark and copyright application.
  • DS i.e, Digital Signature to e-sign the agreement and contract.

There are many other platforms where you may need it, it is not that you will need it only in these places, there are many other places where you need it.

Legal validity of digital signature certificate In India:

The Digital Signature Certificate is issued to you only for one or two years means its validity is one or two years and after that, you have to renew it again.

According to the Information Technology Act 2000, digital signatures are valid all over India. And the license is provided to you by the officers or organization of the Information and Ministry Technology. The date on the digital certificate, this Digital Signature Certificate is issued to you ends its validity on the date that it is written on your certificate.

Difference Between Digital Signature And Digital Certificate:

If we talk about the difference between these two, what is the difference between a digital signature and digital certificate, then there is a lot of difference between these two. Because the use of a digital certificate is to verify the credibility of any website. And digital signature is used to verify any document. this is the difference between a digital certificate and a digital signature.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions):

Are digital signatures safe:

If the answer is given in one word, then the answer is, ‘Yes’ it is safe to use a digital signature.

Can the digital signature be forged:

It is not at all impossible to counterfeit with a digital signature in today’s times, because it is very different than the physical signature and it is very secure and trustworthy. If there is a forgery somewhere, then you know immediately, if we compare the physical signature with the digital signature.

Can a digital signature be misused:

Digital Signature verifies you to sign a document and also verifies whether you are the same person who should sign. Your digital signature can never be misused along with the document sign.


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