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Top 7 Secrets Tips to Write SEO Friendly Blog Post


Top 7 Secrets Tips to Write SEO Friendly Blog Post– Blogging is popular. Everyone’s already doing it. You’re probably already doing it.

But you know what?

In comparison with 5, ten years in the past, running a blog is so widespread that individuals do not even learn all of the blog posts properly now. Eight out of ten individuals will learn your headline, however, solely two out of ten will click on by means of and browse your article.

Top 7 Secrets Tips to Write SEO Friendly Blog Post
Top 7 Secrets Tips to Write SEO Friendly Blog Post

That simply reveals that persons are desensitized to blog posts, and so they’re probably not studying them.

Hey, everyone, I’m Thakur Ritik Suryavanshi, and today I’m gonna teach you that Top 7 Secrets Tips to Write SEO Friendly Blog Post that people take interest in your blog post and will actually read.

Write SEO Friendly Blog Post

So if you’re going to write a blog post, there’s a few things that you need to know.

#1. Conversation Feel

Write with the words “you” and “I”.

If you don’t include the words “you” and “I”, people aren’t going to feel that it’s a conversation. If they don’t feel that it’s a conversation, they’re going to think of it as, like, a college lecture, and they are going to leave.

When you’re more conversational with people, they are more likely to engage, read, and respond.

#2. Paragraphs

Your paragraphs cannot be greater than 5-6 lines. The moment they’re more than five or six lines, it’s just overwhelming. People don’t want to go through that. If you look at METTHU.COM, you’ll even notice that a lot of my paragraphs are only two or three lines.

I even have some paragraphs which might be just one line.

#3. Use Subheadings

Use subheadings, Subheadings break down sections within your blog post, so it makes it easier to skim. Without subheadings, people won’t be able to get the gist of your content without reading

the entire thing, which implies you are going to get much less readers.

Through subheadings, people can go down to the section of the blog post that they want to read, and read that area, and keep scrolling through.

#4. Write a Conclusion

 Make sure you use a conclusion, right?

Write a conclusion each time you create a blog publish and label that conclusion, “conclusion”. It retains it actually easy.

Individuals can scroll down, learn your conclusion, know what your blog publish is about, and determine.

in the event that they wish to scroll again up and browse the remainder.

I do know that sounds bizarre, however, that really is the visitor/reader sample after they’re scrolling by means of and studying your blog publish.

Lots of people go down, learn the conclusion, then return up.

#5. Cite Information

 Together with your blog posts, ensure you cite your data.

Don’t just come up with the facts and data without citing it. If you do that, people are going to call B.S.and not come back.

#6. Use Images/Photos

Use images. because I tell you that “A picture can say thousands of phrases or words.” Got it?

If utilizing graphics and pictures to clarify the message that you just’re making an attempt to convey, persons are more likely to learn and stick around.

#7. Informative

 Make sure your article is really thorough and actionable.

If someone reads your article and they’re like, “Oh, cool, I know I can go do something after reading this,” they’re going to be like, “Great, I should keep reading the content.”

I once googled “how to install a bidet”, and I came up with an article that didn’t even teach me how to install a bidet. Never went back to that site.

And that site is called “How Stuff Works”.

Their articles weren’t informative, weren’t actionable, so I was never going to read them.

In case you observe these ways, you are going to create blog posts that individuals really wish to learn.

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