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What is SEO In Marketing?


Hello friends, welcome to today’s post, so today, we will tell you what is SEO, how it works, what is SEO in marketing, what are the SEO tools, how many types of SEO are there, on What is SEO, what is off-page SEO, etc. and We will also tell you that what is the role of SEO in marketing.

What is search engine optimization i.e. SEO, suppose if you have a youtube channel or a website if there are no visitors or traffic on it, then how can SEO help you on your youtube channel or else bring all the traffic to the website.

If you have the same question in your mind whether I can learn SEO while sitting at home, or there is any kind of doubt, then today you keep reading this post further, today all the types related to your SEO will be cleared, then Start quickly without delay, and now we will tell you that what is SEO in marketing.

What is SEO In Marketing
What is SEO In Marketing

What is SEO in marketing?

SEO’s full name is Search Engine Optimization, it is a process that we can bring our website or blog to the topmost, And you can rank it whether it is to be ranked in Google or Bing or Yahoo, etc., So, SEO is used to bring your business to number first, and if you do SEO in your business properly then no one can stop you from bringing your business to the top.

If we say it in easy words, then it is a technique with the help of which we can fill our blog or website and bring traffic. If a user enters a keyword in any search engine, then our website or blog will first appear in the search, if we have SEO correctly.

For example, you can see our blog that if you have inserted some keyword related to SEO in your search engine, then you must have seen this blog of ours, So that you have been able to reach here, and you will be cleared of all doubts related to SEO here. And even you can use SEO for your website, blog or youtube channel, and we will give you complete information about how to do that. So that your all doubts will cleared.

Why SEO is important?

So friends, all of you guys have yet to know what is SEO in marketing, but now we will tell you why this SEO is important,

Suppose you have created your website, you have customized it well and put good high-quality content on that website or blog, which is very informative, helpful and unique content, so we have to take that content to the users who want to see and read our content, So that they get the information in advance to do that work, or if you have any other business.

So until that business does not get any traffic, then how will that business grow, then SEO proves to be useful in doing the same work because SEO brings all the traffic to your website, blog or business and your traffic The brand gets named very quickly in the market.

If you have put any good and high-quality content on your blog or website, but until you do not SEO, then how will traffic come on that content, That is why SEO is necessary to bring any brand to the front and top.

Types of SEO:

So friends, till now we have learned a lot about SEO, but friends, now we will tell you how many types of SEO,

1. On-Page SEO:

The work of on-page SEO is done inside your own website or blog, that is, we have to customize our blog well and design it well and be SEO friendly.

According, to the rule of SEO and following it well, that is, to use a good template in your blog and write good content and put keywords in them that are searched as much as possible, so that your blog will come to the top Chances are as much as possible.

How to do On-Page SEO?

  1. First of all, you have to identify the keywords that you want to target.
  2. When you plan or get good information about a keyword, then after that you set the URL of that web page according to the same keyword, it is very helpful to SEO.
  3. And then enter a good meta title according to the same keyword because users see it and click the most.
  4. After that, you enter meta description according to that keyword so that you can explain to that user what you want to tell in your post.
  5. After that when you use the image in your post, then write the title of the image in the alt tag of that image.
  6. One of the most important things is that your content quality should be unique.
  7. Along with all this, the speed of the website should be good and compared to other websites and the theme should be mobile friendly.

2. Off-Page SEO:

Off-page SEO, which is the opposite of on-page SEO, in on-page SEO, you have to work inside your website but in off-page SEO you do not have to work inside your website, and other Popular websites or blogs have to target them, and by the owner of that website, you have to take permission and tell about your content on their website, you can also tell them by pasting the link in the comment, or many more Popular websites It is what gives you opportunity to write a guest post.

So you can also bring your blog to the top by doing off-page SEO like this, and now we will tell you about some similar techniques so that you can also bring your blog to the top and the first page of the search engine, So let’s read the points given below carefully.

How to do Off-Page SEO?

  1. All posts or pages of your blog should be submitted on the website with all bookmarking.
  2. Create a page or account of your blog or website on all social media platforms and put daily updates on it.
  3. You should promote your website for free, they should also go to the free classified website.
  4. If any question related to your post or page has been asked on a popular website, then you can attach a link to your post or page thereby giving a little answer there.
  5. Write guest posts by going to a popular website, which can be very beneficial for your blog because you will get organic traffic from there.
  6. You can run your blog ad on platforms like youtube, google, and Facebook.
  7. You can also tell about your blog or website in all your information from yourself.

Difference Between SEO And Internet Marketing:

There will be many people who have questions in mind regarding SEO and internet marketing, and many of you may think that these two are the same or similar. But if I give you the answer, then SEO is a kind of tool or we can also say that it is a small part of internet marketing because it helps us make internet marketing much easier.

How much does SEO cost?

So friends, if we talk about the cost of SEO, then you will find many people in the market who tell you that we will teach you SEO for so much money, or if you give us so much money, then we will keep your blog, website or business We will do SEO, and they take a lot of money from you by saying this.

But, We do not have to pay any money to do SEO, you can also do SEO sitting from home, it is absolutely free, there is no charge for it.

But, if you get or run ads for your blog from off-page SEO i.e. youtube, or google or anyone else, then you have to pay some charge there and you can also do it sitting at home and you have to pay for it. So you do not fall into anyone’s fraud and do not give anyone any money and you can do SEO sitting at your house.

What are the SEO tools?

So friends, till now we have come to know almost everything about SEO, but to do SEO friends, we need some tools and we are going to tell you about some similar tools and these are the tools that Almost all popular bloggers use it, so friends here, I will tell you such five tools which every blogger uses, so let’s know about all those tools.

1. Google Analytics:

Google Analytics is a better tool for SEO because with its help we can find out what is the bounce rate of the website, where are the visitors coming from the website, whether it is organic visitors or inorganic visitors, and even people read which page more, there are many things that you can do with the help of Google Analytics.

2. Answer The Public:

Answer The Public is a tool that if you use this tool, it can be very beneficial for your blog because if you put any keyword in it, then this tool will give you any questions related to that keyword and mostly asked on search engines like google, yahoo, or bing, So this tool shows you all those questions and it can be very beneficial for your blog, and by using this tool you can get an idea related to your keyword.

3. Semrush:

Semrush is such a tool, if you use this tool for your blog, then this tool can check your keyword ranking or domain ranking, no matter which country it is. With the help of a keyword, you can also see the keyword rank of your competitor. Which is it ranking on the keyword. With the help of this tool, you can also find profitable keywords for your blog, on which keyword your blog can be ranked. This tool can also be very beneficial for your blog.

But, this tool is paid, if you want to use this tool then you can use it for free with some limitation. and after buy this tool, it will show a pro result for you.

4. Ubersuggest- Neil Patel:

Ubbersuggest, if you use this tool, it can be very beneficial for your blog because I personally use this tool too, and the most important thing about this tool is that this tool is absolutely free, And it shows you the Genuine Result. If you use this tool, then this tool does its best to show you the results correctly and the way the paid tool works, it works in the same way.

5. Google Search Console:

Google Search Console is also a very good tool, if you use this tool, then with the help of this tool, you can keep an eye on your blog on google search results, its help also increases the security of your website malware and related to spam, With its help, you can also find out which traffic is coming to our website means (organic or inorganic) on the keyword and from where it is coming, then this tool can also be beneficial for all bloggers and all bloggers should also use it.

What is SEO strategy?

What is SEO strategy, this question must surely come in the mind of all of you, what is this SEO strategy, then friends SEO strategy organizes the same according to the content on your website or blog, according to that, when If someone searches on google, any keyword shows results by understanding the keyword with the help of SEO strategy.

How fast does SEO work?

This question must have come in your mind and should also come because, friends, when you or we talk about SEO, now that we have done SEO, How much time will SEO take on your blog or website to bring our blog to the top, then if your blog has good and useful content and unique content, then SEO works otherwise,

If you have done SEO and you feel that our blog is completely fine, then friends do not take much time to bring your blog to the top, mostly your SEO which is more and more time, It is to bring you to the top, from three months to five months, and someone works even in a month. But friends, you have to keep working hard on your blog, do not skip it in the middle, otherwise, your blog will be down in the market.


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