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Little Known Ways to Explain Network Marketing? (Inspiring Story to know MLM)


How to explain network marketing?- In this post, I’m going to tell you a story such kind of story which can inspire any person to join network marketing and you want to know what this story is and what you have to tell the person so that he would join network marketing then read this post till the end.

How to explain network marketing
How to explain network marketing

What Is Network Marketing?

So hey guys today’s post is that what is Network Marketing and how you can explain Network Marketing to everybody, and Before some time we already told that What is network Marketing also share every value information on that post you can check out that,

So today we are going to share with you an Inspiring story to explain Network Marketing so let’s get started without wasting any time.

Explain Network Marketing to Everyone by this story

Now this post isn’t about someone unknown this post is about a person whom you know very well this post is about Dhirubhai Ambani you know Dhirubhai Ambani used to work on petrol pump and 

when he used to work on petrol pump mindset of his was of a businessman, his mindset was never of a servant or employee his mindset was he wants to do something big so when he is too work on the petrol pump he was in seek of an opportunity that

He could find something which he could do along with his job so one evening a toy owner came to the petrol pump and he told the car owner which used to come on a petrol pump, 

He said that buy a toy from me then Dhirubhai Ambani asked him to come and asked what is the price of the toy that person said it’s of 100 rupees Dhirubhai Ambani said he doesn’t want to buy that toy.

I also want to sell as you tell how much did it cost you I’ll also do the same thing with you my shift is over by 5. I have 3 hours time then in between of 5 to 8 I’ll with you sell these toys then he said

 I bring this toy for 70 rupees there is a wholesaler shop from there I buy it for 70 he asked how many toys are you able to sell in a day then 

He said 19 toys or 15 toys then a minimum of 10 toys for a day then if he saves 30 on 1 toy, then on 10 toys income of 300 rupees he said OK 300 rupees per day income

I’ll also want to do tell me from which shop do you get toys now Dhirubhai Ambani goes to that shop from where that toy owner buys toys now that wholesaler says the same rate 70 rupees would be the cost you can buy as much as you want then Dhirubhai Ambani says,

I don’t want 10 toys from you I want to buy many toys and on first I’ll give an order of more than 100 toys now tell me what would be the price and I’ll daily buy 100 toys from you then

That wholesaler says if this is the thing then I’ll give you one toy for 50 rupees instead of 70 for 50 Dhirubhai Ambani says ok I’ll come tomorrow with some people give them toys for 70 rupees and those 20 rupees which will be left as we have with for rupees 50 the 20 rupees which will be left I’ll take them afterward give them for rupees 70 now what 

Dhirubhai Ambani does is goes back to the petrol pump there which 10/12 workers were working told them that we after our shift can sell toys in part-time and while selling toys what will happen is we are getting salary from here along with salary 

we will get extra income if we will sell toys we can sell toys on red light we can sell toys here we can sell toys to cars that come on the petrol pump here our income would happen 

so all the people say it’s a good thing let’s all go then he takes all the people to the wholesaler every person buys 10 toys now 10 people reach there and 10 people buy 10 toys so how many toys are sold at once 100 toys are sold as 

Dhirubhai Ambani said now what all of them do daily sell toys daily they come to that wholesaler buy toys and after buying them to go to sell it 

every person save on one toy 30 rupees income than on 10 toys 300 rupees income you’ll think it’s good now think about Dhirubhai Ambani what he did he worked here his business mind

Now from 10 people, he’s earning let’s know from 1 person on 1 toy he’s earning 20 rupees without doing anything once he interacted them with the wholesaler now if he buys 10 toys

Then 200 rupees income and when 10 people buy 10 toys and 100 toys are sold than 2000 rupees  his income they are doing hard work for 3 hours in part-time selling 10 toys and hereby doing hard work 

once Dhirubhai Ambani is selling 100 toys and here he’s earning 2000 this is the difference between a person who does hard work himself to earn and a person

who creates a system here in this story what Dhirubhai Ambani did is created a system a the network he didn’t for himself alone now further what happens to know these many people come to know that you people who are working on petrol pump and sell toys what is the advantage then

other petrol pump people are inspired we will also, do this till now one petrol pump people were selling toys now 3 to 4 petrol pumps were more they all ask Dhirubhai Ambani

that how to do this work, Dhirubhai Ambani do the same thing that takes them to the wholesaler and as people increase similarly Dhirubhai Ambani’s income increases today.

 if you understood this then network marketing’s fundamental, the principle would be clear that how does network marketing industry works it doesn’t say that you individually do hard work you go and sell products or you go and sell toys or you go and show plan it says that create a system.

once people will get an advantage they will tell more people will get advantage they will tell more people and because your just how Dhirubhai Ambani’s margin was fixed with the wholesaler

yours get fixed with the company you  will earn money and this is called recurring income, passive income without doing work earning money this is called building system and all this happens in network marketing 

so if till today you are thinking I’ll do a lot of work and earn money then you are thinking wrong you are thinking less from today think big and if you are in network marketing then this story, 

Your seminars with your people share this post to whom you want to teach network marketing share this post with him that on actual what is network marketing now you all can create a huge business in network marketing you don’t have any idea for this you understood

You have to make passive income in actual if you want to know that what is wealth creation then it is a very small thing if you are working and earning money then you won’t create wealth they say if you are getting money while sleeping also then you are actually getting rich you

people actually do this in network marketing even if you aren’t working then also you are earning money because your network works so I know you loved this story then immediately

Share this story and this post in every WhatsApp group with all your distributors so that these people further on share this story with people and people get inspired for network marketing and to build a huge business in network marketing.

 you need to learn a lot and the first thing is skill development you need to develop your skills which aren’t taught you in your company then what are those skills that you need to learn you’ll get them on this blog.


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