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How does the GPS Work?


How does the GPS work- You are welcome in our post today, you guys must have heard about GPS and if you are reading this post today, then you have also used GPS somewhere. But friends do you know, what is GPS, uses of GPS, how does the GPS work, how GPS works in a car, how GPS works without internet, etc.

So friends, if you also want to know about all these, then, today you are in the right place, so today you keep reading this post till the end, today all your doubts will be cleared, so let’s know the detail about GPS. Please read carefully.

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How does the GPS Work
How does the GPS Work

What is GPS?

The name of GPS, friends, you must have heard, if you are reading this post on your smartphone or computer, then you must have seen the option of GPS in your system too, or sometimes,  If you have installed the application then you must have seen that application takes permission to turn on GPS, so today you keep reading this post, all your doubts will be cleared.

GPS is used to find the location, this technology created by the US defense department in 1960, that time this technology made only for the US Army, but it was launched in 1978, then it was implemented for all of us on 27 April 1995 and then this technology is seen in all of our phones.

This technology is also very amazing, and very interesting, and in today’s time, this technology is used a lot, and in today’s time, it is known and used by everyone.

This technology is also called NAVSTAR, that is, navigation ranges of satellite timing.

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Uses of GPS:

GPS is mainly used in 5 categories, it is not only in these five places that it is used, but it is also used in other places but mostly in these five places.

  1. Location, To know your location.
  2. Navigation, To go from one place to another.
  3. Mapping, to make a map of the world.
  4. Timing, To know the correct and accurate time.
  5. Tracking, To track anything or any vehicle.

How does GPS work?

As you know mobile GPS works like a receiver, our phone is the first one that is connected to the satellite near our phone, and it is not that it will be connected with only one satellite. It is connected with four satellites and these four satellites take different information from your phone and tell your location and speed very well.

To use GPS correctly and accurately, at least four satellites must be visible.

Each satellite continuously transmits its position and its information under current time, whatever its current time.

Once it is known how far at least three satellites are from you, the GPS device can find out what is your location, and this process is called trilateration.

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What is Trilateration?

Imagine in your mind that you are somewhere on earth, and you know how far away you are from A satellite, it means that you are somewhere in the red circle.

In the same way, you will know how far you are from satellite B and C, and then where these three circles are intersected, then there is your current location.

This is the case of three satellites, but where there are more than three satellites, the more accuracy the more your location is known.

How GPS works in the car?

GPS works by staying in one place. It can also track the speed of any person or vehicle. Such networks include a series of satellites using microwave signals that are refrigerated to give devices of GPS information about location, vehicle speed, time and direction.

How GPS works without the internet?

It is not that you can use GPS only through an internet connection, there is no need for an internet connection to use GPS services, as GPS is available everywhere on earth, in every corner for free, and This is the reason why you can use GPS in your car even if there is no internet connectivity in the navigation system of the car.

But friends, it is not that internet connectivity is not required to use GPS, friends, if you have to use GPS on your mobile phone then you must have an internet connection, no matter what you have searched for. After that, even if you save it offline.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How GPS was invented?

This is the case in the Sputnik era when GPS was introduced, scientists at that time were able to track the satellite with changes in their radio signal known as the “Doppler effect“. When the US Navy organized the use of satellite navigation only in the mid-1960s to track the American submarines carrying nuclear missiles.

Who invented GPS?

It is not that only one scientist has invented GPS, but it is the work of three scientists, whose names are Ivan A. Getting, Bradford Parkinson, and Roger L. Easton.

When was GPS launched?

The first satellite of this system i.e. NAVSTAR 1, was launched on 22 February 1978. The GPS satellite planetarium is powered by the 50th Space Wing of the United States Air Force.

When did GPS become popular?

Well, since this technology has come, it is popular but as we have already told you that in starting was made only for the use of the US military but then later due to time, it was used by everyone in 1995. It was implemented to do this and since then it is popular, and in today’s time everyone knows it and even child knows how to use it.

Why GPS need 4 satellites?

You have to use four satellites to use this technology because the data from each satellite has put you in a circle from all four sides, By counting the squares, you can limit the possibilities to one point. Three satellites are located at two possible points. And the last satellite gives you a perfectly accurate location.

Will GPS work in airplane mode?

If your smartphone is in airplane mode, then its transmitter turns off, similarly, you can receive data from GPS satellites without a cellular system, when on a plane, it is possible to receive GPS broadcasts.

Will GPS work in flight?

The answer is yes because GPS are used to show the position of the pilots on the map, which are planes. But this data isn’t usually shared with traffic control.

GPS Full Form

There will be many of you, who will not know what is the full form of GPS. You will call it either GPS or you will know by the name of the map but the full form of GPS is Global Positioning System.

What GPS watch should I buy?

Due to the time, mobile phone, car, what, in today’s time, GPS watches are also coming, which is very beneficial for your children or old people and even for those who are in fitness. , Then you will get to see every kind of clock in the market but which watch is the best for you, today we will tell you about those watches, which can prove to be very helpful for you, so let’s know.

  1. Polar m430
  2. Garmin forerunner 235
  3. Garmin vivoactive 3
  4. Fitbit Ionic
  5. Samsung galaxy watch
  6. Suunto ambit3 vertical
  7. Polar vantage V
  8. Apple Watch 5
  9. Garmin forerunner 935
  10. Garmin Fenix 5 plus


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